Reinforced concrete precast structures

“Element Holding” offers an innovative product to the construction sector – construction-installation process decreased by 50 %, increased quality and exploitation indicators, cost optimization, minimized risks, constructive and technological savings. With the support of the program “Enterprise Georgia”, the company started the production of reinforced concrete precast structures.

The purpose of creating a product is to develop services existing in the field of construction. The use of reinforced concrete precast structures will lead the industrial construction to a new stage in Georgia.

The production of reinforced concrete precast structures is carried out with the involvement of foreign experts who control the product standards. It is also important that as a result of the cooperation of Georgian and foreign constructors, construction drawings are prepared in compliance with Eurocodes. Compliance with international standards is an unchanging priority for “Element Holding”.

What is the reinforced concrete precast structure?

It is a building mass and is created by pouring concrete into a pre-formwork. Embedded reinforcement, pre-stretched rope as needed, prefabricated metal insert details, insulations, fibers are used to obtain the elements together with different types of concrete. As well as, concrete additives and pigments for visual effects.

After that, the concrete is left in a specially created environment for hardening. After reaching the design strength, the product is removed from the formwork, it is stored in a warehouse, and the formwork is used many times.

At the final stage, ready-made reinforced concrete precast elements are installed on the construction site by means of predetermined nodes.

Advantages of the product

Building with reinforced concrete precast structures has a number of strategic advantages for both the builder and the client.

First of all, it is the incredible pace of the construction process. The construction-installation period is reduced to 50%. During monolithic construction, the builder waits for weeks on the construction site to increase the strength of poured concrete to the design mark. With innovative technology, ready elements are prepared in the shortest possible time.

In addition, construction with reinforced concrete pre-cast structures eliminates risks and makes the process fully controllable. For example, it is no longer necessary to consider climatic conditions, while a large part of the time loss in monolithic construction comes from weather variability.

In addition, there is no need for fire-fighting materials, which also leads to cost optimization.

Another advantage is the production environment. As you know, the process of obtaining, pouring and maintaining concrete requires normalized conditions. The uniformity of the concrete mixture and compliance with the recipe, concrete temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, parameters of the maturing process, product storage, quality control procedures are essential for the final result. All of the abovementioned can be achieved only in the conditions of the enterprise.

While speaking about the advantages, it is worth noting the construction and technological savings. With the technology of pre-stretched rope, the volume of concrete is reduced, the structural elements are lighter, and larger bays are obtained compared to monolithic construction. Designing the so-called “Hybrid constructions” is possible (eg monolithic core with pre-cast elements and/or combination with metal constructions). The above listed factors create unprecedented opportunities in terms of industrial construction. “Element Holding” will continue its activities for the development of the Georgian construction sector in the future.