What innovations does Element Holding introduce in the construction sector

Element Holding introduces an innovation in Georgian construction sector – the executive director of the company, Zakro Ebelashvili, spoke about the innovative technology in the tv- program Redact2.

According to him, by investing 5 million dollars and with the support of Enterprise Georgia Element Holdin launched a reinforced concrete anchor constructions plant. According to Ebelashvili, the technology reduces construction costs and time, while product exploitation period is much longer.

“By producing reinforced concrete constructions, we replace imported products and offer the local market a much lower-budget, but high-quality product,” says Ebelashvili.

According to him, in the local market the demand for reinforced concrete constructions in the field of construction is very high, therefore the development of the plant will continue with the aim to meet the demand in the market and to reduce import dependence.

It is to note that today the enterprise located near the Kakheti highway creates 30 permanent jobs, which will increase together with the development of production in the future.