ALL-P METAL fabrications steel structure and provides their installation works. The company offers customers manufacturing and installation of bridge cranes, and if necessary – their restoration. Installation of sandwich panels is among the services of ALL-P METAL.

In addition, the company manufactures tin accessories and is responsible for their installation. The services include manufacturing of metal molds of any complexity and purpose. ALL-P METAL services include a creation of the metal elements with a different design or functional forms.

The company was founded in 2019.

ALL-P METAL is staffed by experienced engineers. Professional staff allows the company to offer the customer tailor-made construction solutions. The aforementioned leads to the optimization of the project and its budget. Both the construction period and costs are being reduced. The work process is carried out in accordance with the international labor safety standards, under the supervision of the safety officer of ALL-P METAL  at the construction site.

increasing in scale has set new goals for the company. Within the support of the program Enterprise Georgia, expansion of the existing enterprise is underway on the area of 11,000 square meters.