ALL-P GROUP operates with a wide range of services: repair works, installation of industrial and decorative floors, waterproofing and floor underlayment works, construction of private houses.

It was founded in 2007. Chronologically, ALL-P GROUP is the first holding company.

The company is focused on development and systematically offers innovative services and products to the Georgian market. ALL-P GROUP  has introduced terrazzo, vetrazzo and underlayment floors for the first time in Georgia, and it made the floor underlayment works mechanized.

The construction sites of the ALL-P GROUP are often visited by the students of vocational schools, to whom the managers of different directions of the company share their experience.

ALL-P GROUP actively supports young architects by active participation in the events and projects related to the field.

On the scale of ELEMENT HOLDING, the company created a precedent of taking services outside the country. All-P UZBEKISTAN was founded in 2022.