Industrial construction by Element Construction for agricultural sector

A subsidiary company of Element Holding – Element Construction builds blueberry processing plant in Samegrelo. This large-scale project is outstanding. After the completion of the industrial construction, the enterprise owned by “Golden Farms” will have no analogue size-wise. 

The building covers an area of 1340 square meters and includes the space required for the refrigerating unit and the processing line. 

The plant will play an important role in the employment rate of the region. In active period, it is planned to employ 200-300 people. Export market is also determined, implying to cover Persian Gulf  and Middle Eastern regions. 

Golden Farms was founded in 2020.  Its main activity is cultivation, processing and sale of blueberries. The company is certified by Global G.A.P and Global GRASP certification. The company owns 90 hectares of berries in Pirveli Khorga village. “Golden Farms” plans to expand its plantations in the near future.